One GoPro, Three Friends, & the Galápagos Islands

For spring break this year, my best friend, Michelle, and I wanted to do something that would leave us with more memories than fuzzy fragments of drunken days and nights in Mexico.

We traded in urine filled pools for the crystal clear Pacific and endless rounds of tequila shots at an overcrowded Coco Bongo for low-key nights of conversation and cocktails with locals on the islands of the Galapagos. We traded in party for adventure and adventure is what we got.

From New York City, we flew to Guayaquil, Ecuador where we stayed with Michelle's sister and her family for the weekend before and after flying to the islands.

Joining us on our trip was Michelle's childhood friend, Mauricio, who also speaks fluent Spanish like Michelle. I can speak Spanish too, but by that, I mean I can basically just ask for water and where the bathroom is. Turns out going to the Galapagos with two people who speak the language has its benefits though! We were able to navigate the islands like locals and really experience everything the Islands had to offer us...

puerto ayora // Scalesia forest // COLLAPSE CRATERS // galapagos national park

day 2 galapagos:

(The Sierra Negra volcano is the second largest volcano in the entire world. Took us 4 hours to hike to the peak and back down, but the view was well worth it! Funny story, my friends told our tour guide I was famous, which obviously I'm not, but he asked if we could do an interview on top of the volcano. I spoke English, he spoke Spanish and I just nodded. Best interview ever... Video coming soon.)

Day 3 galapagos:
isabela island // los tuneles // snorkeling

day 4 galapagos:
puerto ayora // las grietas // tortuga bay

day 5 galapagos:
san cristobal island // kicker rock // snorkeling

guayaquil, ecuador

snapchat shots