I am TOTALLY uhhhhbsessed with my Emmys hair! Credit? MUAH! Yes, I kid you not, I pulled this look off all by myself, but I have to credit the inspiration to the stunning Kourtney Kardashian. To get this look, it's super easy. (Hey, if I can do it, you can do it!)

1) Part hair down the middle and tie your bangs in the back of your head as tight as you can get it. If your bangs aren't long enough, use a styling gel or spray hairspray to mat the bangs down and then bobby pin below the ears so it's nice and tight. The whole key to the look is making sure your bangs are flat but the rest of your hair isn't!

2) Where the bangs meet the rest of your hair, use a teasing comb to rat your hair section by section so that it will fall straight back. My hair is naturally straight, so there was no need to straighten it, but in 2 simple steps, my hair was done! (It did take me a few tries, lots of hairspray and perfecting to get it right, but I love the classy, chic look!)


A HUGE thank you to Aidan Mattox for sending me the most amazing dress ever for our Emmys coverage on CelebTV! I felt like a million bucks in this all-sequined gorgeous silver dress!