Kaley Cuoco is Everything I Thought She'd Be.

I interviewed Kaley Cuoco at the Austin Film Festival premiere of her new movie Burning Bodhi and she was everything I imagined her to be.

Sweet, polite, kind, gorgeous & an open book.

In Kaley's new movie Burning Bodhi, she plays the role of Katy, a character that is much darker than any of her other roles, which is something Kaley said drew her to the film.

The movie is about relationships, grief, laughter & celebrating life, so I asked Kaley how her personal experiences helped her prepare for this role.

Knowing she's going through a VERY public, brutal divorce, I didn't expect her to be so open and real, but it's who she is and for that, I have nothing but respect for her. 

In the film Burning Bodhi, the characters are in their 20s trying to figure out who they are as people and with Kaley's 30th birthday at the end of this month, I asked her what she's learned about herself when looking back at her 20s. Again, she gave me such a raw and personal answer that makes me love her even more.

Now onto the fun stuff!

Kaley dished about her Big Bang Theory character Penny's recent marriage on the show and whether or not we might be seeing some Big Bang babies soon... 

Also, this week's episode of TBBT has guest star Adam Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy's son), so Kaley chatted about how that experience was having him on set!

The blonde beauty also gushed about her newly adopted dog, her love for riding horses, & revealed her secret to staying fit! 

Stay tuned to CelebTV for the interviews! I'll post links this week Xo

Kaley had this badass leather romper on that had drawstrings at the top!  

Kaley had this badass leather romper on that had drawstrings at the top!